Monday, November 24, 2008

The Era Of Blogging

Well..well..well...A BLOG! Finally I guess the infinite craze has caught up to me! Almost everyone I know blogs these days. Some write about life, some write about soccer, some write about the world & so on and so fourth. There's always somebody writing something at one given period of time. So here I am now, writing about my LIFE! HAHA! How interesting! Well its not much, but if you got nothing to do online, do tune in to find out the CHRONICLES of AL (that's me!!) :)

I must thank my lovely girlfriend for making this blog for me and she truly is one of the most creative individuals I know. Well thanks baby!

Hearts & Kisses

Hello darling,

Hope u enjoy your new blog I made for u ;) May you write wonderful & exciting stories about us! I love you so so much! Love u bulu~

xoxo, Alisya Soraya.